March 14, 1932

To remind everyone, Bassya and Philip had decided to commit suicide, but Bassya told her uncle about her love for Philip. The uncle went to talk to Sol, Bassya’s husband, who agreed to a divorce. As long as he could keep Lila (Stephen’s mom and Bassya and Sol’s daughter) for a year. Though Bassya regretted leaving her daughter, she saw no other way.

Divorce in the 1930s was a social disgrace. Bassya had grown up in a family with parents unhappy with each other. Her love for Philip was as strong as ever. For her there was no other choice, so she went to Reno, Nevada for six weeks and got the divorce.

There are letters that will be added later since they need translating first. Patience please.

Reno, Nevada
March 14, 1932

My beloved Pinchas

I just came back from the lawyer — he is awfully nice, promised to help me get a position. It is wonderful to know that there are such nice people in this world. I paid him $25 and he gave me a receipt for $50. I also paid another $10 for the board. I still have $15 so do not worry beloved.

Thanks for the sweet telegram — I thought I would not hear from you today.

In the last letter I sent you I mentioned two fellows — new boarders, they are salesmen of oriental carpets and possibly I shall work for them — all I will have to do is telephone to people and try to make appointments for them, I won’t have to go anywheres just telephone from the place I reside, wouldn’t that be nice beloved?

At this point the letter changes to Yiddish and we are left with 3 pages not knowing what they say.

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