April 19, 1932

This letter continues from the one before written on April 16, 1932. There are a few pages missing in this letter, perhaps we’ll eventually recover them.

April 19, 1932
9:00 am

DSC_0002Good Morning Beloved one

Have not fallen asleep until about three thirty, although I was calm. My nights are so miserable and long, each night and day seems an eternity, and how good it is to feel that soon I shall be free of this unbearable monotony. At times I actually think myself going mad.

I have been reading today, or rather this morning, “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” and the first 40 pages have interested me very much. I like his style of writing, he seems to be so at ease, so natural. I am sure that I shall enjoy it.

And now dearest one what am I going to do the whole day? I do not know, probably what I am doing every day, will be at the park and will read, and maybe in the evening will visit some new church. Maybe I shall have better luck this time, hear some good music.

Do not worry Libinker, I shall not go on my long walks anymore, since it upsets you. There is really nothing to fear, but since you are worried, I promise not to. Am I not obliging?

In tonight’s “special delivery” I shall know what you decided to do. The more I think of this $15 extra money spent, I seem to think that we really have no right to. Why, these $15 will almost get me a wedding dress.

Have you thought dearest one, who will be our rabbi? And please dear, we do not want anyone at the ceremony. [… pages missing…]

Have you seen mother yesterday? How is she feeling? What does she tell about Layelle? Is she well? How do you feel? Do you look well? Write me about everything Libinker.

As I sit and write to you, I hear the kids singing in such perfect harmony, it seems to me that they have organized a chorus. And all the trees surrounding this place, my present home, are in perfect bloom, they are fruit trees. I shall look around, if I can find a flower I’ll send it to you Beloved one. The sky is in deep blue and the white clouds, which take the form of white horses, lions, gracefully floating over the blue make it indeed a beautiful picture. As I look out through the window I seem to see a cloud floating in the form of a rabbit, now it runs into that graceful horse and both become just one mountain of snow.

Somehow I feel that this letter is a terrible bore, and shall therefore end it. One of the boarders just brought in the Examiner so I’ll sit and read it through, and then write my two letters, although I do not feel like writing.

Goodbye Dearest one, and God bless you, and please do not worry.

Your Bibi eternally.

Say hello to everyone, a special regard to my “friend Leon.”

3:30 pm


As you see it is three thirty in the afternoon. I have already written a letter to Akiva, and it tired me out. I really did not have the patience to copy, so that you may know what I have written, but I simply used my last bit of patience because I knew you wanted to read it. I promise never to do it again, it is too much for my nerves.

I have also read the Examiner and now shall rest a while, and then go back to the books.
Good bye Libinker

Allow me to mention the fact that I am deeply in love with Pinchos, please tell him so.

Your Bibi



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