April 27, 1932

Reno, Nevada
April 27, 1932

Libinker Guttinker Pinchos

DSC_0003I received your sweet letter with the money you sent me. Read it over three four times, and tried to drift off to slumberland with a heart full of Love and Hope, but could not sleep, for I had so much to think of, our future, my trial, and kept awake most of the night.

In the morning my attorney called me up and told me that Sol’s lawyer just called him up and told him that he cannot come, but that he will send out the papers special delivery. And so Libinker the trial will not be able to be until tomorrow. You poor dear must have been so worried the whole day.

I would have sent you a telegram but I wanted to save that money for tomorrow’s telegram.

I am not so terribly disappointed. You see dearest Boy I shall come home on Friday and that makes me feel good, Friday our lucky day.

I could take the Thursday night train and come early Friday morning.

But Libinker I want to have you come and take me home. I want you to meet me at the train so I shall take the morning train Friday and arrive five o’clock. Will you be there Tyerinker? Remember I shall be free, white and over 21. Oh Libinker meiner, how I want to see you, to have you love me. I am so lonesome for you. My Pinchos.

The children make such a terrible noise here, that I am almost deaf. People talk so loud here. Why do people want to speak so loud? I cannot stand it, it seems so vulgar. How do I long for our little place be it one room or two, with its peacefulness. Oh Libinker we have everything one can wish for, Understanding, Love, Youth, a way of sincerity. We’ll build our future of this ground of understanding. I am sure Libinker that we shall have much gladness of Life yet. It shall be happy already, if it shall be only for the reason of having one another, everything will come in time. I am full of Hope.

Have just eaten dinner, the food is delicious, I would not be surprised if I gained a few pounds.

Mrs. Apochinskyis a very sweet woman, she is so young yet, and works so hard, I pity her very much.

The Los Angeles Divorcee is going home tomorrow morning.

About Akiva? I do not know Libinker.

I could not help but laugh at the idea, I should take part in the Sholem Aleichem program, this indeed is very amusing. I am through with the stage Libinker, from now on you and I shall look on, and listen, take everything in. We have done enough, more than our share, from now on we shall have one another and our work to live for. Ten years of social work, ten years of such hard work as we have put in is enough. Now we shall look on as others work, and walk through the years hand in hand.

But remember, you shall have to be careful, I am warning you, I am terribly sensitive. Oh Libinker it will be hard for you. I shall crave every little bit of attention, shall be jealous of your even looking at someone else but me. You poor, poor Boy. You have no idea what is awaiting you, I mean it, but try and get rid of me now. Oh Libinker Zisinker Pinchos, “wie lieb ich hab dich” [how I love you]. Do you believe me? Do you?

And now Tyerinker I shall say good night, and wish you many happy dreams.

I shall have to hurry and mail this letter, it is getting late.

Good-bye Beloved one.

My regards to our family.

And take my love, wrap yourself in it and sleep.

Good night Libinker

Eternally Bibi

How good it was to hear you over the telephone. Have I really spoken with you? You sounded so happy. Good bye dearest Boy.

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