April 5, 1932

April 5, 1932
9:30 a.m.

Woke up with a smile, do not know why, must have dreamt of something good. Or maybe because the sun greeted me through my window. I see the sun so seldom here that it really is a treat to see her. How did I sleep? Well, Libinker, what am I going to do today? I am going to wash my hair, eat breakfast, play a little “solitaire,” read, eat lunch, read, then I’ll go down to Rabbi Opochinsky and go down together with Mrs. Opochinsky to the sisterhood. I expect the pictures today, you have not forgotten to send them have you beloved? Oh how I miss you. I just seem to be lost. I have grown like a statue, do not hear what is spoken to me, do not feel. I do not know whether I am alive, I seem to be just existing.

I am waiting impatiently for 10:20 when they deliver the mail. Just think of it libinker, yesterday the all day not a word from you. You cruel Boy why do you treat your Bibi in such a way. Why don’t you figure out the exact time for me to get your letters. You know what your letters mean to me.

This is where this letter ends, if we’re lucky we will find the rest eventually.

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