April 6, 1932

Reno, Nevada
April 6, 1932
10:30 am

Libinker, Guttinker chaver meiner

Juts received your letter, and you ask how I could get so desperate as to think of Death? Oh tyerinker Pinchos meiner, is it a wonder that I actually do not go mad. When in all my life I have been so all alone? And who would be stronger in my position? With the thought that I am being talked of in such bad taste, my wounded pride does not give me any rest. And do you feel a mother’s heart, that tears with longing for her child? Oh Beloved one, it is a hard trial I am going through, if only I was sure that Layelle would be with us within six months it would be easier to endure the inhumanly longing. And in addition to all this I have got to be apart from you, my Life. Is it then a wonder that I grow desperate at times.

But I am feeling much better today, I try and fight off these unendurable moods as much as possible. And libinker Pinchos, it is not so easy, I cannot concentrate on anything for long, when I read “Beethoven” I had to read a page over and over before I seemed to understand, everything is blurred.

This letter now changes to Yiddish and we will need to wait for a translation to read the rest.

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