July 23, 1931

Apparently Bassya is now in Santa Cruz, California. Perhaps for a week? The letter shows us another side of Bassya.

Santa Cruz
July 23, 1931

Pinchas, chaver, surprised to hear from me so soon? I decided to spend the half day at Santa Cruz beach alone. It is so good to be alone with oneself.

Here I sit on a log — near the water it is only 7:30 a.m. I am listening to a symphony conducted by the wind, the water takes the part of every instrument. I like it most when it comes to its highest tempo, it wakes, it urges — There is hardly anyone at the beach, everything is so peaceful, one wonders — are there any cares in this world? — ! I have a feeling that I am celebrating a great holy day —.

I am slowly freeing from the chains of Life — I feel a whole week of freedom coming — a week of forgetting who I am what I am and what for — just free — free to do as I wish — to seek beauty — the symphony is progressing, the drums play the lead — and how stormy they sound — now it is quiet again — only to be followed by more stormy music —-

I have before me Aristotle’s philosophy — and I think I shall look into it for a while and then continue my letter to you. Do you mind waiting? —

8:30 a.m. an hour passed, an enjoyable hour. The symphony plays on — but it does not disturb the concentration on the philosophy of Aristotle, it combines — and helps —

Aristotle believes there is a God, but not a simple one — that weak-minded people believe in. He is sexless, passionless, indivisible and eternal. He states that God does not create — but moves the world — as the beloved affect moves the Lovers — he is the cause of nature, the purpose of things, and he finishes with saying that God is the mystic force — the magnetic power.

I can well understand that God is the mystic force — the magnetic power — I feel that almost every minute of my existence but what I cannot understand is — “God moves the world” what did Aristotle mean by it, maybe you, my Pinchas, could help me understand it? —

Plato believes that belief in God is a necessity — but unlike Aristotle, he wants his Go to be a living God. He believes that a mere cosmic force could not inspire hope, devotion or sacrifice, where a living God can do all this and much more. He is very practical in his arguments. I, personally, cannot see how a human being can take the place of a mystic force. What do you think chaver? —

I am forced to end my letter as I have no more paper with me.

Do you mind if I share my thoughts with you? I must have someone to understand. Someone to —

It is now 9:00 a.m. and the symphony is in its low tempo the drums could hardly be heard — only now and then they wake up and go off again. I think I will take a walk now — and mail the letter — and then come back to the water again.

Please write me long and often letters — that is, if you want me to write to you. Will you write to me every night before you go to bed? then I shall do the same, and will enjoy doing it, no back address.

Good-bye and many happy dreams of the day — .

— from a freed person —

I am, or rather feel so peaceful with all the world, I hope it lasts, at least the week.


ask Sol for my address — tell him you want to send me a “recitation” declamation

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