July 7, 1931

It is now a year later and nothing seems to have changed. The Lovers are still struggling along. I only found three letters so far from 1931 and we will jump to 1932 soon. 1932 will bring about a change in their relationship.

July 7, 1931

Ah my Beloved one, why do I try to do things that cannot be done, over and over I tried, but I cannot give you up. I cannot. It is just like throwing myself into the grave alive.

I must have your understanding, your love and above all your friendship, as you must have mine. It is the will of Fate, not you or I can go against Fate, I have had my last try. If there will be another try — it shall have to come from you.

You have hurt me, but I forgive you, as I want you to forgive me.

It is no use my Beloved one, we have been given Life by Fate and we must serve the term, no escape.

You know very well that you cannot go on without me — you are lost without me, as I am in complete darkness without you. We are the Soul to one another’s body. Take away the soul and the body is dead ready to be  laid in its grave.

I must have you worship me as you must have me worship you. We must be each other’s Ideal, without that we cannot amount to anything — Is it not so my dreamer?

Now my —————– I am afraid to write all that down, because — what is written cannot be erased ——

Goodbye my Pinchas, and God Love you and bless you as I do —-

from —————

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