March 17, 1932

This is almost a whole letter, but unfortunately ends in the middle of a sentence. Perhaps the rest will show up eventually.
Bassya is still in Reno trying to get a divorce. Apparently one has to live in Nevada for 6 weeks to do so.

Reno, Nevada
March 17, 1932

Beloved Soul of my Soul!

Please do not scold me of writing to you in english — I have often explained to you that sometimes I fall into such moods — and it makes me think that I can express my feelings best in english. You really do not mind my Pinchas do you? For after all, what difference does it make in which language one expresses himself.

Each day that passes by makes me long for you more, and it is with great effort I keep from crying out. I feel as if I were no older than 14 or 15, one who has not lived yet, one that is just beginning to bloom, and dream of her prince charming. How happy I would be to see myself with you in New York, to realize with a free sigh that I am reborn. I do begin to believe that God is going to repay me for all these years of pain, for taking everything away from me. He sent you to me,  and through you and only you, I shall find myself. You were, and are to me the awakening like the month of May is to the flowers to the birds, to all nature, at last I can see myself as I am, no more puzzle. I am a dreamer, a child, yet a grown woman, one who understands and knows what it means to be a child in dreams. God is indeed kind to me for giving me youth, for giving me the chance to start from the beginning with you, with you my beloved, one in youth does not rejoice with its youth, as I do, for I can feel its blessing.

We shall be so happy, such pals, I do hope we shall be ready to be married in May, it is so symbolic.

Pinchas, beloved, I was over to the lawyer this afternoon, and told him that Sol might come here, he advised me not to move, as he is sure, that he would not come, and Pinchas dearest, you know what he told me he could win Layelle [Lila] for me, as long as there is no evidence that we have been together.

What do you think should I do now, please beloved be sincere with me, if you think that Layelle will stay between us, that she will be in our way, be honest enough and tell me so. Until today I thought I had no chance, you see if Sol could procure witnesses that I went out with you, does not mean much, he says that I can plead on the fact he used to go away to the country and leave me alone so I sought companionship. He won a case like that not long ago, and he also wants me to get all property signed on my name.

What beloved, do you advise me to do, without you I am lost, I must have your thoughts.

I received today a letter from Don, the longest letter I have ever seen in my life, he is with me, but at the same time he is afraid of the future…. and then comes the part which tore my heart, he writes that Layelle goes around like a little orphan, asks for me all the time, you can imagine beloved, what a wreck that made of me, it shook me all over, but

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