March 23, 1932

Reno, Nevada
March 23, 1932

My beloved Pinchas!

I have sent you a letter today — and meant that I shall write no more until I should see you, but I have spent such a beautiful afternoon — that I must have you share with me.

After I mailed your letter I thought I would go for a hike — and I walked up straight with Virginia — until I came to the college grounds — oh dearest — what beauty — the college is surrounded with a park and a river flows right in the middle of the park — and such beautiful white swans swim around, it took my breath away.

I laid down on the grass right near the water with the book near me — but I could not read — not a page.  Such a restful feeling came over me — such lightness of heart and soul. I felt my rebirth, I looked up the sky — and what beauty what enchantment met my eyes — my heart filled with Love — my eyes with tears — i was happy — all I needed was you by my side to change this place to paradise.

No one seemed to be there — all was quiet — only the beating of the swans’ wings in the water — and the singing of the birds was heard. Such a peaceful feeling came over me — I wanted to spread out my arms and embrace the whole world. Oh beloved how wonderful it is to feel thus. I lay there — listened — and dreamt about you — about our future.

Have I succeeded in making you feel the peaceful afternoon I spent? Do you see it? Do you?

Oh beloved how I love you — and I seem to find you in everything that is beautiful.

Have you the real conception of how much I miss you? — and what you mean to me? and of how much I have given up — sacrificed for you? have you? — oh beloved I wonder where I get the strength to go on, so all alone, so lonesome, and you know how I am used to being alone — especially in a strange lace, it must be love that does it — what do you think beloved?

I want so much to love — to play — to sing — I am tied of suffering. I want to be free _ to be I. You know beloved what I mean?

You will bring me all the things I asked you to? won’t you? Just think beloved Pinchas — one more day…. and I shall be able to look into your eyes — to feel your strong arms about me….

And now beloved I shall say good night to you — until Friday night when I shall see you, it seems that I have not seen you for years. I wonder what you look like?

Good night dear — I am going to send away this letter tonight yet.

My sincere regards to our family —
Your B.B.

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